There is no way I can ever list all the people for whom I am heartfully grateful. So many anonymous people have touched my life. Their kindness has been part of my journey.

For example, I remember the policewoman who, with her male partner, escorted us to the hospital ER after they stopped us for “speeding.” Cautioning me not to get out of the car, she gave me hope with her words: “Let me get the wheelchair, you don’t know that this is a miscarriage.” Her kindness buoyed me through the night, and I never forgot her. Indeed, the pregnancy was tenuous and at risk for months, but my son did make it through.

Such stories of kindness from strangers could fill another book.

I need also to acknowledge my family of origin: my mother for her endurance and grace; my father for his gentleness and love of words and grammar; my brother, Bill, for his care for the environment; Uncle Frank and Aunt Mary for being non-judgmental quiet presences; Father Edmund for his protection and beneficence; Aunt Helen for her intelligence; my straight-backed grandmother for her stolidness and warmth.

I am grateful for the teachers of my past: Sr. Julienne, Sr. Benedicta, Sr. David, Peter Frank. Dear friends, such as Evasio de Marcellis and John Opalek, for their kindness.

I heartily thank Barry Panter for providing the opportunity at Creativity and Madness seminars to present my work on the Stieg Larsson trilogy as well as on the Rise of the Wounded Feminine in the Media. Those experiences were crucial to the writing of this book.

I thank Debbie Cirilli for her patience and administrative skills; Kyle Lanier for keeping me moving; Mariah Martin, Chris Eckery and Marlene Smith for their intuitive midwifery; Bruce Cryer for his early support of my writing endeavor; Marion Sandmaier for her encouragement and initial editing guidance; Henry S.T. for keeping me rooted through the process; friends Perry and Dirk for giving me an opportunity to write at the lake; research librarians Heidi, Bill, and Catherine at St. Joseph’s University; Dick Swaine and his staff at West Chester University library; Talula’s Table and staff for being just the “write” café; Martha Turner and Cliff Smith for their encouragement.

And, of course, I thank my daughter, Zofia, for her help, especially with the Larsson trilogy, and for embodying wonder woman herself; son-in-law Matt Meuse and best friend “brother” Victor Lum for allowing me to tag along to Acadia National Park where I wrote and they camped. I thank my husband Larry for his abiding love and support and his indispensable computer and word processing savvy. I have infinite gratitude for my son, Johnathan, who embodies the feminine principle in remarkable ways and whose publishing expertise was essential in bringing this book to fruition.

And, to all the friends and family not mentioned here, a deep bow to everyone.


Quiet Wisdom in Loud Times Copyright © 2014 by Kathleen Curzie Gajdos. All Rights Reserved.

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