Quiet Wisdom in Loud Times: The Rise of the Wounded Feminine, by Kayta Curzie Gajdos, Ph.D., just released by Brandywine Creek Press, is a must read for both men and women who are searching for the truth of their lives beyond the loud prattle of the powers that be.

Gajdos, a psychologist in private practice for over forty years, renders a compelling narrative about what is needed to re-balance our psyches in a world that has so wounded and done violence to the feminine. But this is not only about women: this is about the “feminine principle” that resides in both men and women and has been buried by a patriarchal dominator model for thousands of years.

Quiet Wisdom in Loud Times weaves a story of the violence done in service to the patriarchy. This violence extends beyond sex and gender, affecting the earth itself; indeed, it affects the common good of all.

This book rallies us to join in the renewal, the resurrection, if you will, of the feminine principle of collaboration, compassion, and care. Quiet Wisdom in Loud Times does this by addressing where the burials and risings of the feminine principle are seen in our daily lives: in the realms of politics, money, the environment, the media, and popular culture.

Dr. Dan Gottlieb, host of Voices in the Family and author of The Wisdom We’re Born With considers Quiet Wisdom in Loud Times to be “a book that will help awaken you to a new way of looking at the truth of our lives.”

James Hollis, Jungian analyst and author of such books as What Matters Most: Living a More Considered Life, observes Quiet Wisdom in Loud Times as “accurate, prophetic, and embracing the only path for healing our broken world, our sundered psyches.”

Here is what other commentators are saying:

“This book can launch us on a journey: We can recognize the wounds we have so often overlooked and then commit ourselves to acknowledge, undo, and heal them.” —David Richo, Author of How to be an Adult in Love

“This is a book for our time; written with conscientious compassion and feminine wisdom—a thinking woman’s call to awaken a shared consciousness that is our power.” —Colleen O’Connell, Chief Administrative Officer, Won Institute of Graduate Studies

“Written eloquently in a perceptive woman’s clear and conscious voice, Quiet Wisdom in Loud Times raises our awareness to the grave danger we face as a species if we fail to reinstate the feminine in her rightful place, not only in our minds, but more importantly in our hearts.” —Russill Paul, Author of The Yoga of Sound

“Dr. Gajdos has brought together her many and varied experiences, broad knowledge, and memorable observations into a book that can help all of us find our own inner peace, as well as strive for peace among nations.” —Karen Porter, Director, The Chester County Peace Movement


Quiet Wisdom in Loud Times Copyright © 2014 by Kathleen Curzie Gajdos. All Rights Reserved.

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