Study Guide for QWILT Book Groups

  • Who are your mentors? Who are your models of the feminine principle?
  • Where do you notice the feminine principle rising?
  • Where do you notice the feminine principle‚Äôs burial, and the pushback from the patriarchal powers that be?
  • What ways can you observe the culture, the media, world events, and consider where are the men and women of heart who in their actions reflect the feminine principle?
  • Where has the feminine principle been wounded in you?
  • Where is the feminine principle rising in you?
  • How might you carry forward into the world a way in which the feminine principle can be nurtured? Is it through environmental action? Political action? Personal change?
  • What in your own spirituality manifests the Divine Feminine?


Quiet Wisdom in Loud Times Copyright © 2014 by Kathleen Curzie Gajdos. All Rights Reserved.

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