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This is a book for our time; written with conscientious compassion and Feminine wisdoma thinking woman’s call to awaken a shared consciousness that is our power. Kayta, like Adrienne Rich, understands that compassion is not passive; that compassion should ignite passion for change and for truth.
Colleen O’Connell, Chief Administrative Officer, Won Institute of Graduate Studies

When Kathleen sent me this book, I expected to simply browse the content and share my opinion. Boy was I surprised when I read the first few chapters and couldn’t wait to read the rest of the book, every page of it. Filled with compelling and important information that we all need to read, digest, understand, learn from. And live with!
Please read this book, it will help you awaken to a new way of looking at the truth of our lives.
Dr. Dan Gottlieb, Psychologist and Host of Voices in the Family

Dr. Gajdos … with an informed, passionate, and incisive voice articulates the outrages against the feminine principle which have governed the Western world for so many centuries. The reader might be made uncomfortable by her critique, even defensive, but try to refute her, and then one finds her “quiet wisdom” accurate, prophetic, and embracing the only path for healing our broken world, our sundered psyches.
Dr. James Hollis, Jungian Analyst, Author of such books as What Matters Most: Living a More Considered Life

Kayta has given us a touching but hard-hitting look at what it is like to be a woman in a society of domination. We come to see, in poignant and well-documented ways, just how slow we and our leaders have been to institute equality for the sexes. This book can launch us on a journey: We can recognize the wounds we have so often overlooked and then commit ourselves to acknowledge, undo, and heal them.
David Richo, Ph.D., Author of How to be an Adult in Love (Shambhala, 2014)

Awakening ourselves to the wounded feminine, through Dr. Gajdos’ thought-provoking writing, is an important step towards making the church whole.
Joan Wylie, Deacon, Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania

In these loud times it’s good to hear the quiet voice of Kayta Gajdos calling our attention to the wounded feminine. Against a backdrop of contemporary issues, this insightful and experienced Jungian informed psychologist confronts the perennial enigma of the balance of masculine and feminine energies, to arrive at what she terms “a heartful mind.” She is indeed a woman of heart who needs to be heard!
Patty de Llosa, Author of Taming Your Inner Tyrant

Written eloquently in a perceptive woman’s clear and conscious voice, Quiet Wisdom in Loud Times raises our awareness to the grave danger we face as a species if we fail to reinstate the feminine in her rightful place, not only in our minds, but more importantly in our hearts. … Kayta Curzie Gajdos presents a compelling picture of how we devalue the feminine in our society and how we, both men and women, can rectify this through the thoughtful application of spiritual principles in our lives.
Russill Paul, Author of The Yoga of Sound: Tapping the Hidden Power of Music and Chant

… Dr. Gajdos’ message comes, at a time when our world, politically, religiously and relationally is so divided. Yet, over that destructive din, she explores the quiet rumblings of compassion and creativity that are emerging. […] She writes meaningfully from the personal to the global and our need to embrace a compassionate, constructive path that will unify us.
Marie Hulse Cowan, LMFT, Marriage and Family Therapist

[Dr. Kayta Curzie Gajdos’ Quiet Wisdom in Loud Times] is like a drink of fresh, cool water on a hot day.  Her book brings so much heartfelt wisdom into life’s noise and shrillness. Dr. Gajdos has sought, successfully, to help bring peace to all of us, male and female, but particularly to the women who often bear the responsibility of managing humankind’s countless villages. As a long-time peace activist and professional peace-maker, Dr. Gajdos has brought together her many and varied experiences, broad knowledge, and memorable observations into a book that can help all of us find our own inner peace, as well as strive for peace among nations.
Karen Porter, Director, The Chester County Peace Movement 

Dr. Kayta Gajdos […] enables the reader to understand how the feminine archetype has been “wounded” and how wemen, women, and our planet itselfwill  benefit from a re-balancing of these two principles.  Dr. Gajdos has issued a clarion call to awaken and to take action, for if we are to survive, our inter-connectedness and compassion must be honored and restored.
George Leute, Psychologist and Dream Worker

… a great ride through some pretty complex territory…
JanStephen Cavanaugh, Ph.D., President, Global Human Development, Inc.

Dr. Gajdos has nailed it! This is an important work at any time especially now. “Quiet Wisdom” presents an important perspective clearly, with both intelligence and feeling. It’s a must read.
Steve C. Steinwedel, Ed.D., COO, Leader’s Insight, LLC


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